Tree Trimming & Removal in Oxnard, CA

Tree Trimming & Removal in Oxnard, CA

Leave your tree trimming and removal needs to us

Wild-looking trees have no place on your property. The professional landscapers at R & S Tree Service & Landscaping offer tree trimming. We can also remove trees that are hazardous to you or your property. We’ll use the proper equipment and techniques to care for or cut down your trees safely. You can then expect us to haul away the debris.

Call us today at 805-390-4207 to discuss your tree care needs with our experts.

Lower the risk of damage at your property with tree trimming or removal services

We know how windy it can get here in Oxnard, Simi Valley and surrounding areas. It’s important to maintain your trees so dead branches don’t fall randomly on your property and overgrown branches don’t shatter your windows. Our professionals offer tree trimming and removal services to make your property as beautiful as it is safe. We’ll shape and prune your trees to ensure they grow correctly. Hire us now for proper tree care.